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An Emulsified inactivated vaccine against Foot and Mouth disease & Hemorrhagic septicemia.


Each dose of 3ml contains :
Inactivated FMD Virus (FMD type "O", "A" & "Asia-1") 0.9 ML
Pasteurella multocida antigen 2.1 ML
1.8 ml2.1 ML


For active immunization of Bovine against Foot and Mouth disease Virus & Haemorrhagic septicemia.


  • Inject deep intramuscularly.
  • 3ml in adult animal while 1ml in animal of 6 month or bellow.
  • Repeat the 1st booster after 9 month priming and then yearly.


  • ILS-FM+HS-VAC is an oil emulsified vaccine prepared from the local isolates of Foot and Mouth disease virus & Pasteurella multocida.
  • Each dose contains 106 TCID50 of each of the FMD virus and 2.2 mg of HS antigen.
  • The virus and bacteria have been characterized by using advance molecular techniques.
  • The vaccine contains three types of FMD viruses i.e. FMD "O", "A" & "Asia-1".
  • The vaccine is capable of producing long term active immune response in the vaccinated animals.


  • Shake well before use.
  • Only healthy animals should be vaccinated.
  • Do not mix the vaccine with any other live/ killed vaccine or with any other medicine.


  • Store at +2/+4 C.
  • Do not freeze.
EXPIRY TIME: 6 months from the date of manufacturing.
PACKING: Bottle of 300ml (100 Doses); Bottle of 30ml (10 Doses)