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Executive Director Message.

Life on this planet has been in an ever changing war with viruses, and the battles are getting tougher as environmental stresses and over-consumption of modern antibiotics have given rise to varied mutations in different regions of the world. All developed, and many developing, countries have put in place a complex defense mechanism through which viruses are continuously being monitored in the field, appropriate vaccines are developed, regulations and infrastructure made available for mass production, and ultimately raising awareness and disseminating these vaccines through a regulated distribution chain. Even India, a country as mature as Pakistan has developed this defense mechanism against viruses to limit disease outbreaks in plants (tissue culture), and animals & humans (vaccines), ensuring food security and a growing population. However, Pakistan lacks such a structure, making our population vulnerable to viral outbreaks. Currently the country is dealing with the issue by importing vaccines at exhorbitant rates, which often fail to work due to the nature of mutations in different regions of the world.

Universities and scientists in Pakistan, supported by several government institutions, have trained an extensive work force of microbiologists capable of the above, and further have done immense work in monitoring and identification of viruses prevalent in the country. Additionally, these universities have played a heroic role in working with Government of Pakistan towards implementing regulations in the field. What lacks is a commercial entity that can work with local expertise to mass-manufacture, raise public awareness, and distribute these vaccines around the country. ILS was created to fill this gap in Pakistani society. The initital focus of ILS is animal vaccines, and we look towards making solutions for plants (tissue culture) and humans (vaccines) in the long term.

The immense livestock population of Pakistan coupled with high risk (<10% of animals are vaccinated, while in India the number is >90%) reflected by extremely high mortality rates, offers an opportunity for ILS to establish itself as a leader in the biotechnology arena of the country. As we acquire global certifications for our labs, we envision contract-manufacturing for foreign biotech companies. The year 2013 saw the birth of ITTEHAD LIFE SCIENCES-ILS and slowly but surely, experts from around the country are conglomerating around this platform that Inshallah will have a "game-changing" impact on Pakistan's GDP and the lives of Pakistani citizens.

Mr. Waqas Khatri
Executive Director-ILS
Director: Ittehad Group