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Company Overview.

ILS, set up as a joint venture between ITTEHAD Group and InVitro Vogue Pvt.LTD. is a step towards achieving the group's objective of diversifying its business activities. With a rich and illustrious history, Ittehad Group's flagship company Ittehad Chemicals Limited-ICL is the founding company in Pakistan for the Chlor-alkali industry. It has paved the way for other organizations competing in the local market. With a growing interest for ICL products in the international market, the organization has made the necessary arrangements (and will continue to do so in the future) to cater for the growing demand. ICL is presently running a very successful agriculture division and ILS is a contribution in the group's vision of sustainable food security.
Ittehad Group's head office is in Karachi, Pakistan while the ICL manufacturing site is and ILS manufacturing facility is envisaged to be in Punjab- the largest livestock populated region of the country.

Business Model
The main objective of ILS is to commercialize the indigenously researched products. Using this objective as its backbone, ILS has envisioned an Academia-Industry relationship culminating into a win-win situation for both.

The Practice
In the initial phase ILS is working on manufacturing veterinary vaccines. The Veterinary Vaccine facility of ILS will be Pakistan's first state of the art internationally certified animal vaccine manufacturing facility based on Certified Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP). All manufacturing procedural codes will be strictly adhered to and as such all processed will be carried out under stringent conditions of sterility to ensure the purity of the products. The quality assurance practices of validation, monitoring and documentation will be carried out at every stage of manufacture from the received raw materials through to the release of goods for sale.

The seed materials for the vaccine are of the highest quality available and are being worked upon to meet rigid specifications. A virus speed lot system will be in place to ensure consistency of performance for all vaccine batches. The virus seed lot has been rigorously tested for purity, safety and efficacy in the initial incubator before going for industrial scale manufacturing. The substrates that will be used for virus growth are derived from animals, which are certified specific pathogen free (SPF). This provides assurance that the vaccine produced from these materials is free from any extraneous disease producing organism. In addition all bulk virus material will be rigorously tested for sterility and virus titer before incorporation into a vaccine.

ILS' s human resource as well as its scientific advisory board has a vast experience in the life Sciences research as well its commercialization and manufacturing. Human resource development is the cornerstone of ILS's strategy for growth.