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CEO Message.

Since the last three decades new technologies within life sciences have made revolutionary breakthroughs in the field of genetics and molecular biology. The birth of dolly, the sequencing of the human genome and other species are some of the examples of these breakthroughs. These technologies have brought a real paradigm shift in agriculture, livestock, health Care and industry.

The human race continues to look for new ways to increase food productivity, improve health of humans as well as animals, clean up our environment and produce products that add value to our being.

There are thousands of Life Sciences companies around the world, capitalizing on these technologies to convert their research into usable products to counter planets one need or the other. 'Ittehad Life Sciences-ILS' is and envisages to proudly contribute towards manufacturing and marketing of quality products, addressing critical livestock, agriculture, healthcare as well as industrial needs of this ever growing region. By an estimate there are more than 500 scientists working in the public sector on R&D in the Life Sciences sector in Pakistan. The government of Pakistan has invested more than Rs. 2 Billion on the development of this sector but because of a weak academia-industry linkage, no substantial product has been commercialized so far to contribute to the reduction of food insecurity of Pakistan.

'Ittehad Life Sciences-ILS' has developed strong industry-academia relationships focusing on technology transfer of quality indigenous research, initially resulting in quality veterinary vaccines with local strains and is on the path of establishing a state of the art, internationally certified vaccine manufacturing facility in Pakistan.

ILS is steadfast on the path of growth with the development of products for agriculture, health care and environmental diagnostics which are in the pipeline.

ILS is committed towards developing national and international linkages for commercialization of novel, groundbreaking research that can contribute towards sustainable achievement of the Millennium goals.

I thank you for your time, interest and hope that 'Ittehad Life Sciences-ILS' can play its part in this 'technology' revelation.

Omar Kauser Malik
Chief Executive Officer-ILS
Director: InVitro Vogue Pvt. LTD