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Why Join ILS

With its rich group history and progressive culture, Ittehad Life Sciences-ILS is the pioneer company within the Life Sciences Industry for manufacturing and sales of bio-products like veterinary vaccines based upon local strains in Pakistan. ILS provides its employees a chance to establish a fulfilling career based on a fast-track program designed to intellectually challenge its workforce. ILS is committed to invest in the dynamics of competitive advantage by harnessing the power of its employees and motivating them to reach uncharted heights in their careers.

Apart from our timely job openings, ILS also offers entry at other levels such as:

  • ILS Internee
  • ILS R&D Apprentice

ILS Joiner Professional program:

The ILS J.P program is a fast-track program designed for graduates of life sciences as well as management sciences to progressively create a career based on a 6-month assessment period. During this time, the joiner professional is exposed to the inner working and procedures of the organization. Following a systematic program, he/she is exposed to the numerous departments at the ILS R&D, Manufacturing and the head-office. During the course, the J.P is constantly monitored on their progress in regards to the intake of information and personal motivation to succeed. At the end of this period, the J.P, based on her/his performance, is awarded contracts to be a part of the ILS world.